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What is Anglican?

The Anglican Way is both an ancient style of worship, and a communion/network churches comprising 80 million Christians worldwide governed by Bishops and divided into regional and affinity groups called Dioceses. Christus Victor is currently under the leadership of John Frederick, an Anglican priest and theology professor who, though living in Phoenix, is still canonically-resident in the Anglican Diocese in New England which is under the pastoral leadership of Bishop William Murdoch. Also leading is Jonathan Sharpe. The Anglican Diocese of New England represents the united, regional network of Anglican churches in New England which together are a part of the national province (i.e. denomination), the Anglican Church in North America, which unites some 100,000 Anglicans in nearly 1,000 congregations across the United States and Canada into a single Church. Christus Victor is exploring with whom to anchor the ministry in Phoenix going forward once things get rolling.

The ACNA is an emerging province in the worldwide Anglican Communion, which is the third largest communion of Christian churches in the world. In addition to the Book of Common Prayer, Anglican’s are united by a common commitment to the Historic Creeds, to the ecumenical councils of the Church, and to the 39 Articles of Religion. To be an Anglican, then, is not really to embrace a distinct version or theological system of Christianity, but rather to follow a distinct way of being a “Mere Christian,” at the same time evangelical, apostolic, catholic, reformed, and Spirit-filled

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